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How Much Space Do I Need?

You’ve got mini storage needs, but how much storage do you need? Use our charts below to help you determine approximately how much mini storage space you may need for your needs. If you still have further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mini Storage Needs by Unit Size

5′ x 10′ Motorcycle* or 1 room of furniture 50 sq. ft.
10′ x 10′ 2-3 rooms of furniture 100 sq. ft.
10′ x 15′ 3-4 rooms of furniture 150 sq. ft.
10′ x 20′ Car or 4-5 rooms of furniture 200 sq. ft.
15′ x 20′ 5-6 rooms of furniture 300 sq. ft.


Parking Space (Outdoor) Boat, Camping Trailer, Automobile/Truck**

*Climate control units not available for motorcycles

**Any vehicle, boat or trailer stored must have a current license plate/registration.insurance and must be in working condition.


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